Taxation and Regulatory

G.R.B. Associates, Chartered Accountants offer a comprehensive range of taxation and regulatory services designed to help businesses navigate the complex tax environment and ensure compliance with local laws. Some of the key services can be highlighted as:

  1. Tax Advice and Tax Audit Services: G.R.B. Associates, Chartered Accountants offer expert advice on tax planning and conduct tax audits to ensure compliance with Nepalese tax laws. They help both local and foreign clients understand and manage tax obligations effectively​​.
  2. Tax Compliance: We assist businesses in meeting all necessary tax compliance requirements, including filing tax returns, maintaining records, and ensuring adherence to local tax regulations​.
  3. VAT Advisory: G.R.B. Associates, Chartered Accountants provide specialized advice on Value Added Tax (VAT) matters, including registration, compliance, and filing of VAT returns. We help businesses understand VAT implications and manage your VAT liabilities​​.
  4. Cross-Border Taxation and Transfer Pricing: With increasing globalization, issues related to cross-border taxation and transfer pricing have become more complex. G.R.B. Associates, Chartered Accountants offer services to address these issues, ensuring that transactions between related parties across different jurisdictions comply with local tax laws and international guidelines​.
  5. Taxation on Mergers and Acquisitions: We provide guidance on the tax implications of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. This includes structuring transactions in a tax-efficient manner and ensuring compliance with relevant tax laws​​.
  6. Individual and Expatriate Tax Services: G.R.B. Associates, Chartered Accountants help individuals, including expatriates, manage their personal tax matters, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations and optimizing your tax positions​​.
  7. Company Law Compliance and Advisory: We offer advisory services related to company law, including business registration, compliance with corporate governance requirements, and regulatory filings​​.
  8. Customs and Excise Duties: Assistance is also provided for issues related to customs and excise duties, helping businesses navigate the regulatory framework and manage your obligations efficiently​.

These services are crucial for businesses operating in Nepal, helping them manage your tax liabilities, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and optimize your financial performance.